Kingdom Labs incubates and invests in early stage Web 3 technology startups and founders.


Kingdomverse is a dynamic open-world metaverse that allows players to form communities, build their world and conquer the lands. The metaverse offers cross-platform experience with casual mobile games, offering a complete ecosystem within a 3D virtual world.

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Worldspark Studios

Worldspark Studios is a game development studio that is building "Sparkadia". Sparkadia is an ecosystem of interconnected games, built by industry veterans from companies such as Riot, Blizzard, and Bungie. Their first game, Edenbrawl, is a unique blend of Brawler (Battlerite) and MOBA (League of Legends/DotA).

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Monkey Kingdom

The Monkey Kingdom is a collection of 2,222 randomly generated 32x32 pixels NFTs on both Ethereum and Solana Blockchain. Each Wukong is unique and comes with different traits and attributes varying in rarity. After 3 Generation of NFT collections, the project has gain a lots attentions in Art, Fashion and Music industries. 


Purraria is an esports-fashioned, Play-to-Earn 2D Tower Defense Battle game where players will match with their team of Purriors against others. Also lots of cute NFTs meow.

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Dejigen, the Social-Fi Fanclub Platform for the ACG community that aims to revolutionize the content creator economy with WEB3.0